Procurement: if it exists we’ll access it.

Meddent proudly service:

  • Autoclaves (bench top and free-standing)
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Hach equipment
  • Agilent equipment
  • Anesthetic machines
  • Biochemistry analysers
  • Haematology analysers
  • Centrifuges
  • Morgue, blood and vaccine refrigeration equipment
  • Gas manifolds
  • Ultrasounds
  • Microscopes
  • Blood gas analysers
  • Dental equipment

Meddent’s experience in the Health Service spans both the private and public sector. We helped establish the DT60 Dry Chemistry Analyser as the machine of choice for the Health Department, and won the tender to supply and all equipment for the Lihir Hospital and Emergency medical centre, including the design of the Xray and Dental facility. We pride ourselves on being able to help with equipment selection, prepare detailed equipment lists, supply large quantities of equipment in one shipment, ensuring its safe and timely arrival.

Our technicians do more than successfully install the equipment within budget; we conduct staff training courses to familiarize them with the equipment. Proof positive of this was the Port Moresby Private Hospital project where we installed • all Hospital Gas and Suction Systems • all CSSD Getinge Sterilization equipment • Morgue facilities • theatre lights in four theatres • Video system to a remote site • all wiring for the Nurse Call and patient monitoring systems, and • all X-Ray viewers. We also advised in the XRay, CT and image development systems and committed significant manpower and funding to the Hospital Project.

Meddent also advise and assist in the procurement of equipment for Mining companies and install equipment on several South Pacific Islands.

Our services include: (Quick links)

Meddent is synonymous with training.

Training is paramount at Meddent because equipment is only as good as the people who operate it. For example when we were awarded a contract by the French Government to fully equip a new Hospital in Esprit de Santos in Vanuatu, we made sure that the hospital’s senior Biomedical engineer spent two full two months training in our laboratory. We train not just our own staff and those of paying clients, but also of the nation’s Health and Technical Community at large. That is why we sponsor an overseas guest lecturer each year for the Medical Symposium and strongly encourage our offshore suppliers to use our staff and facilities to provide free training courses to all interested members of the health profession in PNG. Two classic examples of this include:


As well as assisting Olympus to supply Microscopes to the Department of Health, we encouraged them to conduct courses in techniques, repair and service of scopes at the College of Allied Health and at the University Medical faculty. This ultimately led to us incorporating a clean room for microscope repair within our new Meddent facility.

Beckman Coulter

Meddent assisted Coulter by not only supplying and supporting two T890 machines* in Goroka and Mt Hagen, but also by orchestrating additional training (including general Hermatology) for members of the Pathology Service and students at the College. Dr Pickworth has also secured many superseded but otherwise sound T890’s, refurbished them FREE OF CHARGE and donated them to local hospitals requiring full blood analysis.
*The T890 machines were in time superseded by later generations of the Beckman Coulter range.

Orthoclinical Diagnostics

The DT60 system, introduced to Papua New Guinea by Meddent, is widely used in both the private and public sector. There are some 50 machines in PNG. Ms Wilson, a former employee of Meddent, in her installation visits and subsequent fault correction noticed a need to upgrade the skills of some of the operators particularly in the pipetting techniques. Meddent in conjunction with J&J Clinical brought an application specialist with vast experiencing clinical biochemistry to PNG and a course was conducted at the College of Allied Health Science to upgrade the laboratory skills of the operators. There were some 15 operators and the course was opened to students at the College. Some thirty people attended the 5-day course. This course was assessed and the information gained from this assessment has enabled Meddent and J&J to plan an improved course.

With the introduction of the Vitros 250 further training was conducted for all interested operators of the DT60 System with Ms Ladlow of OCD and an engineer from OCD Melbourne in attendance. An additional machine has now been installed in Lae and a Vitros 250 is about to be installed at Mt Hagen Hospital. Meddent also supports Vitros DT60 machines in Vanuatu and Tonga. Training and installation is done through Meddent technicians and OCD Melbourne.

Clements Medical

The care and routine maintenance of Clements suction pumps and centrifuges previously was a problem for the Health Department. Meddent approached Clements and they sent a training person to PNG and a two-day course was conducted for the biomedical staff at Port Moresby General Hospital. Support for all Clements equipment is ongoing with in hospital training and maintenance provided by Meddent staff.

Laboratory Equipment and Supply

Unitech in Lae through Ausaid tendered for the supply of a large volume of laboratory equipment. Meddent was successful supplying not only equipment but also chemicals. This was all delivered direct to Lae. With the formal agreement Meddent has with Hach, we are able to provide a large range of water and wastewater treatment equipment and chemicals. One of the Meddent staff traveled to Thailand to attend intensive training with Hach equipment.

The Meddent ability to offer in country support was attractive to Perkin Elmer and Meddent is heavily involved in the installation and support of several ICP machines in remote sites in Papua New Guinea. The Laboratories have elected to continue to use Meddent as their main support rather than the expensive option of bringing a service technician to Papua New Guinea from Australia. Meddent has now forged a relationship with Varian Australia now Agilent Technologies and will be exclusively supporting the Agilent range of equipment. Extensive Agilent training has already been undertaken, and our service technicians and applications staff all have extensive overseas training experience. In association with Agilent, Meddent has assisted in the installation of an ICP and several GC units at the new oil refinery. Meddent will be responsible for the ongoing support.